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Rainwater Solutions

Andy Johnson is a licensed plumber with over 20 years experience in the field and as the director of AJ Plumbing  Services .Rainwater tank and installation is one of our main focuses, meaning we are rainwater harvesting experts and making  the maximum reuse of your rainwater, you can be sure that we do the job once and do it right.

It is estimated that that around 85 percent of systems are not maintained at the recommended intervals and 65 percent of systems do not work effectively or even at all. It is vital to protect your investment and insure your rainwater tank is functioning efficiently and working as it should- for this reason you want to entrust the installation and water tank maintenance to a team with the skills and experience required.

AJ Plumbing are rainwater harvesting experts because one of our main focuses is rainwater harvesting experts , our knowledge when it comes to rainwater tank installation, supply and maintenance is second to none. Call us today for a free quote and see how we can help you for all  your rainwater tank needs.

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