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Our team of plumbers clear blocked drains in Sydney, whether it be an emergency or routine call any time, day or night.


Whether it be a blocked sewer or stormwater drain in your home or office, AJ plumbing has the expertise to quickly clear your blocked drains.

Our fleet of trucks are all set up with the right equipment for on-the-spot drain cleaning in Sydney.



6 Reasons WHY you should hire us…

  1.  A local trusted plumber - 20 years in the business and counting

  2. Available 24/7 with guaranteed same day service

  3. Fully licensed and insured staff

  4. Fully equipped vehicles with latest plumbing tools to clear and clean your drain on the spot.

  5. Upfront fixed pricing – no surprises at the end of the job

  6. We offer permanent drain cleaning solution without tearing up your lawn. 




1. Assess The Problem
A thorough assessment is carried out to establish possible cause of the blocked drain. The surrounding area is also inspected to avoid unnecessary digging. Quick and efficient pipe locators may be used above the ground to see where your pipes are located below the ground.


2. Clear The Drain Blockage
Blocked sewer and storm water drains can be cleared by use of High Pressure Water Jets. High Pressure Water Jets provide the best root cutting ability on long or short runs and remove all roots, grease, dirt and sand. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to have your drains cleared.


3. Closed Circuit (CCTV) Camera Inspection of Drain
Find out what caused the drain blockage by having a CCTV camera inspection carried out. This equipment provides you with a very accurate diagnostic report, pinpointing the cause of the blocked drain. We have a wide range of specially developed cameras that provide a full colour inspection of your pipes. Our technology enables a fast diagnosis. 


4. Avoid Further Blockages Permanently
If your drains are cracked or broken, and replacement of these lines is not yet an option, further tree root regrowth can be controlled by a programmed maintenance schedule. Read more under our drain maintenance page. 


Find out more about our Sydney drain cleaning methods and the importance of preventative drain maintenance. If you’re dealing with a Sydney blocked drain, call now on 0420 772 412




AJ Plumbing Services aim to provide the highest quality Sydney plumbing services available.

Our highly trained technicians are equipped with the latest in plumbing equipment to offer you, our client the best most cost effective solution to your plumbing requirements.

We specialise in all aspects of plumbing, delivering a superior level of service to all markets.

We pride ourselves on offering a value for money professional plumbing services in Sydney, making commitments to our customers and standing by them.


  • Blocked Drains – We don’t just fix your blocked drains, we take the time to find out the cause and provide you with cost effective alternatives to prevent future problems.

  • Hot Water Systems – Whether you are looking for a brand new hot water system to be installed or simply want your current system to perform more efficiently, AJ Plumbing can help you.

  • Plumbing Services – AJ  Plumbing cover a wide range of plumbing services that many other plumbers don’t bother with. So if you are looking for a plumbing company who can look after all of your needs, why not look at what we have to offer you.

  • Domestic Plumbing – AJ  Plumbing can help you with all of your domestic plumbing including hot water services, tap ware replacement and repairs, and gas installations and repairs.

  • Strata Plumbing – The team at AJ Plumbing have a proven track record in the Strata Plumbing industry and the experience to solve all your problems whenever they occur 24/7.

  • Commercial Plumbing – The team at AJ  Plumbing can solve all your commercial plumbing needs with minimal inconvenience to clients and tenants.




You’d be surprised how reliant you are on water heating and how disruptive it can be to your life or organization when you don’t have any!


AJ Plumbing has been specializing in hot water system installation, repairs and servicing for over 30 years. We have the ability and expertise to repair, replace and service all types of systems.

You’ll never be left in the cold and we’ll have your emergency situation under control in time. As accredited Bosch service technicians, we can advise you on what will suit your needs to create an optimum efficiency option. Trusted by manufacturers.



Does your hot water system need replacing? AJ Plumbing specialises in the supply and installation of a range of brands of hot water systems including:




Our team of specialist plumbers can also perform conversions from gas to electric. AJ Plumbing are also specialists in multiple banks of hot water heaters in commercial and strata applications.


Call us now on 0420 772 412  to discuss your hot water systems requirements!

5 Reasons WHY you should hire us

  1.  A trustworthy plumber. 20-years in the business and counting

  2. Available 24/7 with guaranteed same day service

  3. Fully licensed and insured staff

  4. Fully equipped vehicles with latest plumbing tools to install your hot water system on the spot

  5. Upfront fixed pricing – no surprises at the end of the job


Call us now on 0420 772 412 to discuss your hot water systems requirements!


We have a large, easily identifiable fleet and uniformed staff that service the Sydney Metro area.

We offer a genuine 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service that is manned by qualified technicians who arrive with the required equipment to fix your problem.

AJ Plumbing is a Sydney plumbing company that prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation to provide their clients the most cost effective, permanent solution to all of your plumbing requirements.

Our technicians are highly trained in all facets of the plumbing trade offering you, our client the satisfaction of knowing you are dealing with a trusted industry professional.



To provide our customers with the comfort and knowledge that when they require our services, their needs or their clients needs will be rectified in a clean and professional manner with honesty and integrity that surpasses expectations without limitations.



To ensure that the people who contribute to the continual success of AJ  Plumbing are appreciated, acknowledged and complimented by providing a professional service with core vales that create a safe and secure environment.

This is underwritten by a desire to develop a culture with attitude, education, technology, passion, experience, system and balance at the forefront, without compromise to the growth and commitment of our future together.

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